On a cloudy winter afternoon I walked alone.  The path brought me to a bridge that crossed the river.  I felt as though I had entered a cathedral or stood gazing into the passageway to a secret temple.  Even the air moved in hushes and whispers beneath the barren stone. I and wondered what voices had […]


life-like flight comes round to touch the patient light of morning dispelling slumber compelling my umber frame to peek into the dawn perspective dashes merrily into banality fleeing just ahead the daily pay to play take to heart if nothing else enjoins a lifelong decoupage upon a coin two sides both glisten if in a […]

just anytime

just anytime you want to drop in pop in come by call me just anytime make time see me be me sometime think about it just anytime give time take time put me on your sh_t list diss this just anytime think about it and you won’t miss this touch this feel this just anytime you need to put […]


Premonition If I had known what was to come who would I tell? Who’s whispers ‘cross and from would cast a spell? Would knowing make for deity posing true and wise? Or drive me to insanity replete with lonesome sighs? Glib confidence preferred to bashful thought A dividend so undeterred I suffer to comprehend why […]


The warmth you left in this bed has long since gone.  I brought it here, the bedroom set, sent for it after you died.  It bears my adult weight now every night and I wonder how you and dad slept together in such a narrow space because I consume it all. The scent that was you […]