If I had known what was to come
who would I tell?
Who’s whispers ‘cross and from
would cast a spell?

Would knowing make for deity
posing true and wise?
Or drive me to insanity
replete with lonesome sighs?

Glib confidence preferred
to bashful thought
A dividend so undeterred
I suffer to comprehend why not

I know the sun will rise
and come next morn
Ebb and flow of my heart’s tide
will be reflected in its sunny scorn.

Tho’ my mood wax pale
I choose each day
To live, to be, then hastily prevail
Or turn the other way

If I had known how we would part
How would the proclamation deem?
Our daggers flung into each heart
no kindness there was seen

Pride finds no resting place
When faded love conceals
It’s own declining pace
Wounded, fatality revealed

No matter what end
or fate should be
Upon one truth I lend
hope will succeed.

See here are now the limits of our days
And each decision strikes at mortal clay


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