just anytime

just anytime you want to drop in pop in
come by call me just anytime

make time see me be me sometime
think about it just anytime

give time take time put me on
your sh_t list diss this just anytime

think about it and you won’t miss
this touch this feel this just anytime

you need to put down frown around
call a clown and just anytime

you can you make it happen
just anytime

but that is ok by me try me
check me out just anytime

you know where I live right now
finders keepers losers just anytime

where the mirror is cracked and
the image is there just anytime

let’s catch up catch lunch catch
cold feet to the fire just anytime

move on groove on boogey on
the music soothes just anytime

friends now and forever
amen and amen just anytime


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