life-like flight comes round
to touch the patient light of morning

dispelling slumber compelling
my umber frame to peek into the dawn

perspective dashes merrily into banality
fleeing just ahead the daily pay to play

take to heart if nothing else enjoins
a lifelong decoupage upon a coin

two sides both glisten if in a proper light
each its own deposition writes

alas a smudge upon the portraiture
reversed a ravaged edge inures the forfeiture

which one should I then chose
to gaze upon when in the mood

upon my open hand which side will I abide
to tolerate in view as I demand

what if instead a balance is achieved
by happenstance both sides may be perceived

true to accept both fair not just one
incept a purpose rational aplomb

both portraiture and flank compose the one
coexisting then or both are none

a coin upon the hand of time
stands plumb as one


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