only come to love
awareness is that secret
is no mystery
see it emerge everywhere


I am here today, as I am.  I can finally put away the burden of the constant drone of insufficiency.  It is enough for me to be.  What a relief, yes?  The more miraculous in taking this many days to hear, to see, to believe; and even so this time is perfect.  I have no quarrel to pursue.

I can barely contain my joy at discovering that there is joy.  I cannot fathom the expanse that bears my freedom.  I see no borders, only a horizon that is broad and immeasurable.  What keeps me from leaping into the abyss of limitless possibilities?  It is there now; has always been and always will be.

What expectations have I harbored and nurtured no longer merit the energy needed to maintain them?  I will continue to sort out the circumstances of life, absorbing a good outcome along with the not-so-good.  It is all one – all the same.  The swirls and eddies, tides and swells carry every creature; why must I complain?


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