July 4th is Independence day in the U.S.  We celebrate the victory of the early founders of our nation in their struggle for liberty, peace and freedom.  It is a noble and honorable commemoration of their valor and courage.  Plus, the fireworks are spectacular.

If one is to believe that independence is a worthy state of being, I wonder if interdependence could be recommended as another very valuable concept.

If you believe that humanity originated from simple, singular beginnings then ultimately human beings everywhere are essentially one species, regardless of physical differences.  However you define good people, people of poor means, the noble, the unkind, those who are cruel and those who are saintly, all would be of the same genesis. 

But here is the amazing thing about this concept.  Interdependence as I understand it means I am not alone in my experience of the world, nor am I insignificant.  My personal goals and desires are part of the greater whole and my life-time-share is a component of what balance exists.  We are all connected. 

Peace, love and understanding do not flourish everywhere obviously.  Compassion is not a guarantee in any situation.  So then, I have asked myself, “How do I reconcile my heart and mind to the vast disparities of the human condition?”  Is there an approach to the people around me that I can rely on to help me comprehend the world, no matter what the circumstances?

The best answer I have come to so far is based in compassion.  What I can give to loved ones, friends and community grows out of a place of balance and joy that self compassion germinates and then that blossoms outward.  Is it easy?  Sometimes. 

I suppose it is called work by some, but I would rather think of it as a way to bring a sense of playful sincerity and creativity into my life, so that my actions are wise and right.  Bright, and uplifting, fresh and new, genuine and heartfelt.  How I align myself and respond to the energy that surrounds me makes a difference in outcome I can celebrate.



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