Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Where did yesterday go, with its complexity and concern for tomorrow?  I am here now with yesterday’s tomorrow and everything seems quite normal.  Arms and legs are still intact.  Stubborn maladies are hanging on but not for long.  But yesterday there seemed to be this burden pressing against my lungs and the air around me […]

Worst Case Scenario

Worse case scenarios rarely come to be.  Fantasies are virile and self perpetuating and sometimes myth is more engaging than reality.  Mirage more compelling than the press of real flesh.  Thinking of her more pleasant, daydreaming of him, a happier experience than being with either. What would you choose if disaster struck?  A great tsunami […]


Waiting for something real, better, more fulfilling or true can occupy a lot of emotional real estate.  Looking forward to the future is fine if the looking does not evolve into living for the future or in the past.  Neither exists really, so where does that leave you? While you wait for, oh, the sun […]

August 3, 2015 – Goodbye Jeanine

What is loss really about?  Is it the experience of being deprived of any number of possessions or personal relationships?  Does loss spur the beast of addiction to run full speed towards destruction?  Exhaustive effort can be spent clinging to places and people, afraid of losing that semblance of security even when the reality is […]