Waiting for something real, better, more fulfilling or true can occupy a lot of emotional real estate.  Looking forward to the future is fine if the looking does not evolve into living for the future or in the past.  Neither exists really, so where does that leave you?

While you wait for, oh, the sun to rise or the fog to clear, your one true love to appear, examine what is now.  Open your eyes and look intently at what is sitting here beside you, beneath and around you.  Do it again, and this time without the help of emotional intoxicants.  Watch what happens as each thought is set free.

If you will, forget about the time for now, since now is the only time that is.  Now is where everything happens, while you wait.  Just sit down, right here.  Breathe.  Be.  Watch what happens.

Mind states keep us all busy with one speculation after another.  Memories run roughshod over the heart in rampant profusion dragging psychic energy behind them.  Are the fortunate ones those who can forget most of their lives?

In a moment this moment will be over and behind you and perhaps this life will glow again with hope and happy times.  It is never too late to begin again.


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