Worst Case Scenario

Worse case scenarios rarely come to be.  Fantasies are virile and self perpetuating and sometimes myth is more engaging than reality.  Mirage more compelling than the press of real flesh.  Thinking of her more pleasant, daydreaming of him, a happier experience than being with either.

What would you choose if disaster struck?  A great tsunami was approaching, or a raging wildfire, a massive tornado, with slim chance of escape or survival.  Would you run?  Would you try to flee to safety?  Or would you be able to embrace the final moments of your life with peace?  

I think it is all relative.  One man’s tsunami is another’s wading pool.  Perspective is a powerful observer, and ally.

I must learn not to worry quite so much.  Each day brings what it will.  I have need only to wait.  Each moment I spend on earth in this life, this one wild and beautiful life I have to live, is cloaked in fragility, brief in span and precious beyond measure.  Why would I willingly throw any of them to the wolves and wild beasts of discontent?  

Birds sing every morning, taking care of what they must.  A storm may quiet them from time to time but they always return to song.



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