Who do you think you are?

Self righteous thoughts give me a lot to grasp and lead to a good deal of suffering. The whole notion of, I am right, they are wrong, is like a massive rock that I am attached to. It pulls me down into a murky, miserable place where I feel alone and sad and angry.

To be free of this crushing weight I first have to see it. The tiny boat of morality and judgment I am floating in bumps into the right and wrong within my perceptions. But how accurate are my ideas of things? And, even if they are correct, what really matters most here, my response or what I think another being should be doing?

Discernment is wisdom. Grasping is everywhere and everyone does it. Daily I have opportunity to empty the boat that I perceive as confronting my own and let go of the urge to shout at those other boats I inevitably bump into. I can be angry with someone or I can try to listen, watch, and respond without a mind caught up in the wrongness of that other boat. I can be still. Quiet. Speak late and less. Answer when asked.  

Not with disdain or malice then I can ask myself, “Just who do you think you are?” The answer will be without judgment and swaddled in compassion and loving kindness. I can put down my rock.  I can rest on this path. 



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