Right Here Right Now

Accepting things as they are is not as easy as it might seem. When friends or family do not behave as we desire them to, the reaction felt in response is generally unpleasant. Frustration and anger coupled with disappointment flavor the minutes, hours, and perhaps even years.

Learning to accept adversity is not the same as allowing circumstances to cause harm. In fact, I think that having the ability to look deeply at misfortune or sadness brings with it the possibility of perceiving deep joy and peace. Happiness is a facet of human experience that really can be cultivated and practiced.

We often lean first in the direction of dismay. Someone we love is ill or we experience physical pain. We go first to the sorrow surrounding us and yet another step is waiting to be taken. Step back and make space for the dilemma and observe it in context of everything else that is. No effort should be taken to dissolve the discomfort into some sublime state of mind, or push it away and out of sight.

Comfort and elicit compassion for your heart in this exercise of attending to yourself and bring in what is majestic and miraculous that is also there in that moment. When this happens, my connection to a broader existence is revealed and I become aware of an inner equilibrium. Faith has blossomed for me here in this experience of rest and assurance.


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