Startling and unconscionable.  When I think about all that has occurred in the past two days, the uncertainty of day-to-day existence is flagrantly empty of any hint of guarantees.  Which is why my dear friends, the moments we live are so very, very precious.

Wherever I am at this moment, is what unfolds for me to live.  What I want, above all else, more than long life, fame or wealth is to arrive at the end of my life with the certainty that I had in fact lived it.  And how not to come to think that years have been wasted, that I should have done better, that I was a failure, is to begin at this very instant to live with an open heart. 

There are no guarantees of anything except the inevitabilities of the human life span.  Entitlement is perhaps just a myth.  What is certain is the way I chose to live out the moments at hand.  That’s it.  That is enough.  All of the suffering in the world can be quenched.  If it is possible for one of us, I believe it is possible for all.

Always I am looking forward
Where is my hope?
What choice do I have?

Asking questions about the past
Why was I so blind?
Where was my protector?

Anxiously waking to the sunrise
How will I survive another day?
What if all is lost?

Guarantees are written regardless of the pain
Can I rejoice amongst the deep and silent?
Is there a place free of suffering?

Love must flourish
Here is our hope
Here is our vision
Here is our joy
Here we must be



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