How do you deal with uncertainty and fear?

Dealing with uncertainty is not a new thing we humans do.  There are uncertainties daily and change is a constant phenomena.  There are occasions, which are not as rare as one might hope, when masses of people experience a similar sense of foreboding, concern and outright fear over the same circumstances.  During times of war, famine or natural disaster, the fears and concerns of many are bound by a common dread.

In the United States today there are thousands of people who are faced with challenges in daily living that have brought them to a point of revolt against the status quo of American economics.  While suffering the humiliation of job loss, and struggling to make a living, the lack of a voice and solution has been prevalent as doors to opportunity close.  The loss of identity and self respect that goes hand in hand with denial of livelihood is painful and demoralizing.

Added to the economic struggle is a persistent and entrenched fear of others.  Where did this come from?  I think history gives us the answer to that question.  The social structures that we see around us today have a foundation built on the exploitation of Native Americans and the cruelties of slavery.  The perception that people of color are a threat to the safety and well being of America is a sad throwback to our early beginnings as a nation when some rationale had to be devised to justify actions taken against vulnerable people.  We must learn how to talk to, listen to and learn from one another to dismantle the notions that keep us bound in fear.

The political machinery that has fostered this situation needs to pay attention and refuse to fuel the divisions that distract the population from the issues that impact daily life.  Will those in positions of power listen to the needs of the American people and respond with solutions to their problems?  This is an uncertainty that faces everyone in America.



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