What is greatness?

What does it mean to be a great person? There are probably many components, many elements of character, that could be listed as defining a great person.

I think that greatness exists in more living beings than we recognize. I think there is greatness in the affection of a parent towards their child, a friend who listens, a pet who sits close beside you.

That depth of relationship and association, the compassion and love we hold for others, is what I would define as being great. Not everyone achieves public recognition or accolades and fame, but everyone can be great in some fashion, towards, or in the eyes of, someone in their life.

This weekend, notable figures in the public eye have been honored as they were laid to their final rest. It is astounding to hear of the history these icons of America have made and the contributions to humanity that bear their names.

But as I remember them, with respect, honor and not a few tears, I look around me and see a neighbor, a store clerk, a grandchild, a beloved pet, and I see greatness there too. In the brief episode that we call life, there is true greatness to be found all about us.

Sunset Sky




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