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  1. Well good for you Lyla! Those two books should do wonders in helping you grow even more as a writer…I’m still waiting for my MFA copy to arrive in the mail! Yes ma’am that Larry Brooks makes me tired! ha ha

    There’s so much ‘credentialing’ going on these days–I wonder why? There’s an interesting article in the November 2001 issue of The Writer (pg.14, “Her online ‘do-it-yourself MFA’ jump-started her writing); and this quote from Ray Bradbury in the March 2011 issue of The Writer (pg. 12) says “…A writing course can only give you a start, and help a little. It can’t teach writing.”

    Every one you talk to or read about has a different perspective, right? LOL My motto is to be true to myself (my Daddy taught me that a long long time ago); you will do what’s best and right for your own self. We’ll be in touch and visiting each other I hope.

    I hope this new track you are on works well for you. So far, it is working great for me and I’m learning much. Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂


    • Hi Jeannie! It’s so nice of you to say hello! It is very encouraging to hear that someone likes something I have written. When I read your post, “The Famous (and not so famous)…” I felt an immediate affirmation of a decision I recently made.

      I have always loved learning. I didn’t have the traditional college experience as a younger woman and I used to disparage my attempts and considered myself as having achieved less than others. I eventually ended up with a B.S. degree and the last 14 years my career has been in IT.

      Recently, as I agonized over how to once again fit myself into a traditional academic mold, I decided I had to stop. I had to release myself from the tyranny of “not good enough” and embrace my natural curiosities and propensities and finally be willing to say, “I am a writer.” I’m much happier!

      I purchased “Story Engineering” and “The Portable MFA” that you recommended. Larry Brooks is enthralling and energizing. WordPress is helping breathe new life into who I know I am.

      Thanks for your contributions to the cause!



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