If I possessed the world I’d give you a wide desert A fast car An undersea palace And a mountain all your own If I commanded the heavens I’d give you the sun A golden chariot The three brightest stars And a silver comet If I controlled the universe I’d give you hope, Faith, serenity, […]


Child Eyes

Child eyes eager filled with all things now Never look the other way What happens becomes eternal Questions asking why asking when asking how Years adjust the query As the seeker’s eyes grow weaker Child eyes eager Taking captive what is here Tendrils hope the hold is worthy Breaking free of what seems The only […]


hope is a whisper in the darkness of disaster brilliant in unimaginable ways persistent and undaunted when humanity is tossed within the morass that evil fosters hope seems always to reappear stronger, bolder outcome notwithstanding what must be two sides to a coin balanced on a minted edge like a thousand others hope is a […]