Where do I go to hide from MS?  Is there a place I can just hang out for a day or two and not be reminded that I have this spectre of physical impairment following me around? Lately I feel drained and really tired towards the end of a day.  In the morning I have […]

The LexitronVT1303

Dear Diary: I used to be afraid of computers. The first one we ever owned lived in our den, which was actually a converted garage. It was cold in the garage-den. How cold was it?   During one typical Missouri winter, we stored our perishables in there when the refrigerator died. The computer was happy there. There […]

just anytime

just anytime you want to drop in pop in come by call me just anytime make time see me be me sometime think about it just anytime give time take time put me on your sh_t list diss this just anytime think about it and you won’t miss this touch this feel this just anytime you need to put […]