Eyes wide open

It is annoying to find yourself awake at odd hours when you know you have a full day waiting, which by the way, comes with the expectation that you show up with an ability to think and participate with others.  There should be no mystery involved when it comes to getting to sleep and staying […]

The LexitronVT1303

Dear Diary: I used to be afraid of computers. The first one we ever owned lived in our den, which was actually a converted garage. It was cold in the garage-den. How cold was it?   During one typical Missouri winter, we stored our perishables in there when the refrigerator died. The computer was happy there. There […]


Reluctantly he walked into the open courtyard, rushed by sudden trepidation and the hurried trembling of his hand against the door of his father’s house.  His portion of the household where he studied, slept and practiced his djembe was usually a guaranteed sanctuary against troubles he might encounter from time to time.  But not today. […]


On a cloudy winter afternoon I walked alone.  The path brought me to a bridge that crossed the river.  I felt as though I had entered a cathedral or stood gazing into the passageway to a secret temple.  Even the air moved in hushes and whispers beneath the barren stone. I and wondered what voices had […]


The warmth you left in this bed has long since gone.  I brought it here, the bedroom set, sent for it after you died.  It bears my adult weight now every night and I wonder how you and dad slept together in such a narrow space because I consume it all. The scent that was you […]