It is quiet in the house this morning.  The sun sparkling against new leaves is casting soft shadows against the oaks outside my bedroom window.  The cat will not negotiate her choice of spot to nap and so I compromise and sit farther from the lamp than I had wanted to.   It seems I […]


Dear Diary: I live in a smile-and-wave community. I just love it. People say hello (it seems to me) a lot. Total strangers smile-and-wave, smile-and-wave. It happens often. Sometimes it can be a little annoying. I don’t know these people. I’m either not very threatening or I look like I need a friend. Maybe I […]

Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Where did yesterday go, with its complexity and concern for tomorrow?  I am here now with yesterday’s tomorrow and everything seems quite normal.  Arms and legs are still intact.  Stubborn maladies are hanging on but not for long.  But yesterday there seemed to be this burden pressing against my lungs and the air around me […]

Worst Case Scenario

Worse case scenarios rarely come to be.  Fantasies are virile and self perpetuating and sometimes myth is more engaging than reality.  Mirage more compelling than the press of real flesh.  Thinking of her more pleasant, daydreaming of him, a happier experience than being with either. What would you choose if disaster struck?  A great tsunami […]


July 4th is Independence day in the U.S.  We celebrate the victory of the early founders of our nation in their struggle for liberty, peace and freedom.  It is a noble and honorable commemoration of their valor and courage.  Plus, the fireworks are spectacular. If one is to believe that independence is a worthy state […]

What Moms Do

Several weeks ago I noticed a couple of robins defending a nest in the scrub oak behind my house.  They were being tormented by two scrub jays who seemed intent on ruining the domestic ambitions of the robins.  I surmised that the jays had helped themselves to the robin’s eggs.  Part of the whole “mother […]


My cooktop and I have a complicated relationship.  I do tend to develop a certain bond with my appliances which falls just short of giving them all names.  They speak to me in ways that are difficult to explain.  So I will not try.  However, my cooktop and I are working out our differences and […]